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Massage Therapy


At Living Harmony, we believe that massage is much more than just a feel-good service. The power of massage can actually help your body achieve balance and health by:

  • Increasing Blood Circulation

  • Localized Reduction In Swelling

  • Relaxation of Muscles

  • Increase In Range of Motion

  • Relief of Spasms and Pain

  • Immune Boosting Capabilities

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

Massage and Chiropractic work synergistically. Massage allows the body to relax by relieving muscle tension that in turn allows your chiropractic adjustment to be more effective. Not only will it allow you to get a better adjustment, but it will also allow your body to hold that adjustment for a longer period of time.The massage therapists at Living Harmony provide a therapy plan that is tailored to meet each patient's unique pain condition, injury and specific needs.

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