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Our Approach

At Living Harmony, we want our patients to understand that YOU are made uniquely and must be in BALANCE. In Chiropractic, we refer to this balance as HOMEOSTASIS. The building blocks to homeostasis are our physical, chemical, and spiritual bodies. Many refer to this as the Triad of Health. At Living Harmony, we have created a healing center that offers treatment options to return your body to homeostasis.  Our treatments (i.e. spinal adjustments, dry-needling, fascia release, aromatherapy) work synergistically to bring about healing and improve the quality of your life.

Beginning of Care

During your first visit, our Middletown, Ohio chiropractors will perform a consultation and examination specific to your condition. Our goal is to determine if your condition will benefit from the various forms of treatments we offer. Typically, treatment will begin at the initial visit. Each visit builds on the one before. If for some reason we determine you need a referral to someone else, we will discuss the reasons and make the referral.

Initial treatment Phase

Initially, our chiropractors provide a few weeks of treatment and monitor your progress. We call this the Acute Phase of care.  Most of the time, both the doctor and client are able to observe favorable progress. At Living Harmony Center, we recommend continuing treatment until your symptoms have resolved and the condition is stable. We encourage asking questions along the way to continue to understand your healing process.

Stabilization Phase

Next, we typically recommend a Stabilization Phase that focuses on maintaining stability and preventing a recurrence of the condition/symptoms that initially brought you to our office. This recommendation is made specific to you and your health goals. You can anticipate during this phase that YOU will receive recommendations including stretches, exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle choices that promote stability.  We want you to understand that your daily choices are vitally important to maintaining your progress.

Wellness Phase

We believe Wellness is on a spectrum. That means that each person is on their own journey and will always be at a different point. On one end, you have perfect wellness and on the other is sickness. We always want a person making progress towards wellness and away from sickness. One simple way to continue your progress towards wellness is by choosing a regular wellness visit.  By this point, most people understand which forms of treatment always “make them feel better”.  Making this consistent choice keeps YOU on your journey of wellness.

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